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Sarah the
Flower Girl

I have been a florist for over 30yrs and have done lots of weddings.

Every Bride has their own style and idea on how their perfect day is for them.

There is no right or wrong wedding and there is not right or wrong, colour, style or dream, there is only your dream.


I am happy to work with any budget but please be realistic when you ask me to quote. 

Sometimes it helps me if you tell me your budget before we get started so I can advise you of what is best for you.


I strive to do the very best for each bride I meet as I do with all my clients. Flowers can make your wedding have the wow factor and set them apart from the norm.


I believe in supplying my brides with top quality flowers what ever their budget is so every Bouquet will be perfect and made totally for you!

I am a bespoke florist so I don't repeat my flowers with every bride, I'm very happy to rise to a challenge too.  

Call to make a booking for your consultation today


The prices listed in categories below are a guide not fixed prices, please phone to arrange a consultation as your wedding is bespoke.



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